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Impact tracer for Analyse-JET is a fast Java influence analyzer, which is able to analyze a large code base. It shows the influences forward and backward. It works under Eclipse and handles Java 8, third-party code libraries, references, arrays, etc.

You can select any assignment statement and Analyse-JET shows the influences in a structured way. This means that the tool shows the direct influences, for example, if an assignment of variable x is used in another statement. This process continues recursively on any depths.


Forward Impact analyses: You can start from any program point and see the impacts to understand the code and its influences. The developer can examine these influences gradually from the starting point to check the possible bad influences or other consequences of code modifications. This helps to understand the code in a structured and systematic way.

Backward Impact analyses: Backward influences are useful to find defects. You can start from a failure and go backward along the influence chain until you find the fault. It is also useful to find all possible values a variable can contain.

For more information contact our team or download the free version of Impact tracer for Analyse JET available on the Eclipse Market Place.